1. Let’s put aside our racial differences and focus on our similarities, diabeetus and being fat as shit.

  2. White Zombie

    “I’m so glad to finally meet you, Tracy Chapman. Could you sing us a song, like, some negro spiritual from the plantation days, while I ride on your back? What…whats the matter?”

  3. “I don’t care that you’re black and gay, I think you’re almost as good as normal people.”

  4. What a misguided human being. Speaking of misguided, do we get a Spike Lee post?

  5. Payback’s a bitch. Maybe all the dumb black people shouldn’t have cried wolf. Paula was never a hater of Black people. She was simply comfortable in her own skin about the subject and dumb politically correct idiots went to far in castigating her for it. Good for Paula….her way of saying “Fuck you very much.”

    • Yeah. She sure showed them! She had to close her business and lose money! Ha! She’s a genius.

    • You type remarkably well with a white hood over your head.

    • Except by all accounts, her African-American staffers stood by her throughout the whole controversy. There was no reason for her to be a dick to them. But yeah, you keep treating all black people like one monolithic entity in your totally not racist way.

      • Tom, I was going to point put the same thing. Well said.

      • “By all accounts” you mean the account of Paul Dean’s PR machine, who kept trotting out the same three black employees as if to say “I can’t be racist – three black people who are dependent on me for a paycheck are willing to say they like me on TV!”

      • Eh, fair enough, Joe. My point was more along the lines of disputing this notion that her black employees had it coming because simply allll the black people rose up against her. Like the troll who posted up top that her black staff must have been talking smack about her, so they deserved to lose their jobs this way.

      • Maybe, but because the Illuminati, or libtards in general, decided to crucify her in the public’s eye. Remember, she was found completely innocent in the court of law by her peers.

        However, business declined because of the bad press, and she needed to close. The restaurant was losing money.

      • Dox

        Time out. Any use of the term Illuminati as reference to an actual living group of people immediately disqualifies you as having any valid points.

        I’m sorry sir, I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the gene pool.

      • The case against her was dismissed after Deen and her accuser reached an undisclosed settlement. She was NOT “found completely innocent in the court of law by her peers.” There was no jury trial, and even if there were, a civil trial does not determine “guilt” or “innocence”—that’s criminal procedure—but liability. The racial-discrimination charges were never weighed because it was determined that the plaintiff—a white woman—lacked standing to bring them. Also, juries don’t find anyone “innocent,” they reach verdicts of “not guilty,” i.e., they did not believe the prosecution proved its case. You don’t have to prove innocence at a criminal trial.

        Could you maybe know what you’re talking about before you decide to engage in here?

      • Let me just reiterate everything TomFrank’s Ghost said:

        She abso-fucking-lutely was not found “completely innocent in the court of law by her peers” and settled out of court for a sum Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House – *puts on sunglasses* – couldn’t shuck.


      • Your upvote was accidental on my part. I was simply trying to say that any business owner who has a modicum of decency (especially if most of your employees have low-paying service-industry jobs) gives the employees some notice if the business is closing.

  6. Mitch

    They can all go on welfare now, it’s the new normal and the American way.

    • I don’t think that’s allowed unless they’re white, rich and living on a million-dollar yacht in Florida. Your turn.

    • Mitch’s computer STILL hasn’t electrocuted him when he types ignorant, racist shit. I’m starting to suspect my fellow liberals are correct, and the power of prayer IS a crock of shit.

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