1. har har har

    “And then my house n***** asked if she could have the 4th of July off for a picnic with her family! HAHAHAHA!”

  2. har har har

    “HAHAHAHA! What do you mean ‘Never?’ You’re black sugar, of COURSE you were in a gang before!”

  3. har har har

    “Your field negro went missing? Why just put out a trail of watermelon cubes and he’ll find his way home faster than you can say ‘Grape Drink!’ HAHA!”

  4. har har har

    “And then this man shows up for my weekly meeting dressed head to toe in white and damn near gave me a heart attack until he took the hood off and I realized it was Bubba! HAHAHA!”

  5. har har har

    “So I said to him, ‘Mr. President, you would look wonderful tap dancing and serving up the fried chicken in a little white coat and black bowtie!’ HAHAHA! Can’t you just see it?!?”

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