1. Wait, this isn’t Rihanna?

  2. bah

    I understand this famous people attempting suicide. It’s never easy to be filthy rich. Having money to do anything you want is very hard to deal with.

    • Grass, other side, greener, etc.

    • It’s almost as if being raised in a poor environment having to deal with all manner of insanity outweighs being rich. But that couldn’t possibly be the case, as everyone knows that money always fixes everything, and no rich person has ever had any sort of trauma or mental illness to deal with… /snark

  3. Swearin

    Not to be insensitive, but from this angle and distance, she looks like Jared Leto

  4. Quasi

    If you look at the inside of her left arm, doesn’t that look like cutting scars? Or is it a tattoo?

  5. CK

    Your move, Kendall.

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