1. Upskrt Celebs

    She used to have an ass so flat it was concave. Now it’s a bit bubbly. She’s been gaining some good weight.

  2. cc

    They will never get the smell out of the water!

  3. Unimate

    Jesus Christ she looks good.

  4. NudeNerd

    Yep, she had silicone booty shots FOR SURE.

  5. Double D

    Is there such a thing as ass crabs?

  6. Anita Bonghit

    looks like her and I actually weigh the same now. Poor her.

  7. Terry

    I though that was a black ass. Damn Paris, where that dunk came from girl?!

    The bitch still has herpes!!!!

  8. amir

    Paris has granny ass, don’t be fooled.

  9. Dingo

    Revenue != Profit

  10. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

    Que bunda gostosa!

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