1. Elle

    I fully expected a swarm of flesh eating bees to fly out of her mouth…

  2. Guy Smiley

    must be nice not having to work an actual job

  3. Fig

    Sure, 9 month tours with 100+ dates, not a problem. Plus she can stay for free at Hilton Hotels.

  4. I misread that headline as “Paris Hilton wants to give a BJ now.”, and I thought, “Hell, thats not news, thats her lunch break.”

  5. Hannah Wild

    Kill me now. THIS is everything that is wrong with 99.9% of woman wanting to be in the ‘industry’. You can’t train to be a DJ, you’re either one or you’re not. Usually the later. Actually, let her do it and then let me show her up in a MASSIVE way in a vs set. Job done, see you later. P.S I can’t wait for her vinyl sets ….


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