1. Rikk Ton

    Well…they say it takes two of three things to succeed in any field…
    1. Money
    2. Connection (Her money automatically made those for her)
    3. Talent (oh well…I guess the first two will have to do)

    the question will be is it enough to sell tickets in the night club scene because when I go see a name in a club it is 100% for his talent. Lets see what happenes to her.

    Rikk Ton

  2. Hannah Wild

    Kill me now. THIS is everything that is wrong with 99.9% of woman wanting to be in the ‘industry’. You can’t train to be a DJ, you’re either one or you’re not. Usually the later. Actually, let her do it and then let me show her up in a MASSIVE way in a vs set. Job done, see you later. P.S I can’t wait for her vinyl sets ….

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