1. Vito

    Nice nipples. Too bad they’re attached to Paris Hilton.

  2. Jimmie

    This is actually refreshing, I’ll even say modest… compared to her previous antics. She just looks like the next girl sunbathing topless. It’s all over Europe. She does have a pair of nice naturals.

  3. tim

    she does give good head…something to be said for that.

  4. Master Pimp

    We know she was born w/2 or 3 silver spoons in her mouth/crotch and seems dumb supreme but with what little she has underneath the training bras she wears, she could afford 3 times more booby jobs than PAMELA ANDERSON’s ever had!!! Go figure, PARIS is genius not to get her little titties pumped w/whatever. The #3 photo almost gave me a woody, showing some ASS CRACK and those 2 dots on her lower back. Those turn me on. Because PARIS is NOT exactly a virgin and probably has sucked/fucked chimpanzees, apes and who-knows-what on a regular basis, I would have her tested for rabies, leeches, etc., before I’d give her a fuck like she’d never forget! And it just might be a fuck I’d treasure. If I’d die due to her, I’d at least probably have the BIGGEST smile on my gorgeous face!

  5. timmy the dying boy


  6. myxologizt


  7. Mama Pinkus

    That last picture show her large-as-skis feet.

  8. look at this foot

    what big foot she have

  9. spark1duh?

    I’d shag her pocketbook!
    There are much better looking women at the corner bar right now probably.

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