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  3. R

    Nice perky little tits for a walking herpe.


  4. Ragan

    Did she get fakes? Her boobs are a little bigger than in her sex tape. She doesnt look like an 11 year old boy anymore.

  5. Hard 4 Paris

    Too bad she has herpes…and is dumb as fuck.

  6. Jimmie

    This is actually refreshing, I’ll even say modest… compared to her previous antics. She just looks like the next girl sunbathing topless. It’s all over Europe. She does have a pair of nice naturals.

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I love Italy! Best place on Earth!!!

  8. joho777

    Paris Hilton will do ANYTHING to get her marijauan arrests out of the news.

  9. scandalous

    she does have some beautiful tits

  10. I just love those hot little tits

  11. Anon

    I thought her hand was her fucking foot for a second. Holy backwards monkey paw, Batman.

  12. Bob Bobaroonietoonie

    I understand all the hate – but damn, I still kinda like Paris Hilton.

  13. Go Paris. Have fun and don’t lisen to all the jurks ot there. If I was rich and good lookin id have fun and do what ever I want. So long as I have a face you have a place to sit. I like small firm boobs a lot better than big sagy flopy boobs. If you realey want to have fun drop me a line. We can go out to eat and nobody would know who I was and the gosip would fly. what a hoot that would be. I can just see it, who is that old fart with paris

  14. Jesus

    Plant a seed my children

  15. mark

    Uglier than hell, but a rocking body!

  16. Kirsty

    I wish my boobs were that small cause the ones I have are too big

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