1. Dox

    A talentless whore dresses like a talentless whore, which causes a tear in the space time continuum, dragging her mid forty self back from a universe where plastic surgery was outlawed. Sadly, just three seconds later, they both imploded creating a mega whoremation resulting in the genesis of a Super Kardashian.

    Millions perished.

  2. Inner Retard

    You’d think the powers of a social disease dressed up as a trashy dumb twat would cancel each other out to result in a likeable normal person. But you’d be wrong.

  3. Robin Thicke was in attendance
    and has since been diagnosed with twerpes.

  4. Is it just me, or is she actually looking hot here… no? just me then?…. ok….

  5. That’s her mother beside her, people. A total of probably 6 nose surgeries (so it’s almost disappeared) and bad cheek implants. Yuck, just fucking yuck, to both of them.

  6. mileycyrusis a slut

    They say that, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, which in this case means absolutely nothing….except perhaps…whores of a feather flock together…..

  7. You call that a Miley tongue? Pathetic. She looks pretty good though.

    • Dox

      Honestly Don, after reading your posts…

      I think if a woman has a pulse (and that may be optional) you think she looks good.

      • I’m not as cynical as most people around here. I’m not afraid to say someone looks good even if I don’t like them at all.

      • Dox

        Fair enough. I’ll take your honest and serious answer, and raise…

        For me attractiveness isn’t just a body. Its the behavior that goes along with that person. For instance, on a purely physical level, Miley Cyrus with her hair long, and dressed in some decent clothing looks attractive. However, the minute she starts hanging her tongue out of her mouth like my Lab in the car, dressing in clothing that isn’t flattering… and worse, speaking… (And it becomes painfully clear how little life experience, or even raw intelligence she possesses)… she ceases to be attractive anymore.

        I think I just overshared.
        Oh well.

      • That’s perfectly fair. There are lots of people who are physically attractive but their personality is a dealbreaker.

  8. chloe

    She looked better in the pictures x17 had up a few years back where she was shooting-up with Lindsay.

  9. Jenn

    She’s either not committing to the idiot tongue thing or else that’s as far as hers comes out. If it’s the latter, I feel sorry for her boyfriends.

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