1. Anna

    You are really pretty . I love how you let loose and don’t care if you are embarrassed . Those mic pics are cute . They make me wish that I had that much confidence to post goofy pics .

  2. Dee bby

    Love ur make up kimmi

  3. Adam Krise

    There’s alot I could say but I will say jus a few. The oldest Kourt is smart an a perfect 10. Not because she is beautiful but for the way she is raising alil man an how she delt with the shit her other lil man who by now should be A REAL! An Kim she is great playn the field lookn for mr. Right although we all made mistakes not as big as letn one of our personal love tapes get out she handled it an moved on an hopefully learned a lesson. Now Khloe she is the oddball. In my eyes she was the smartest an sexiest until she got married an then some switch got flipped an all of a sudden BITCH ALERT! Now from way I see on tv she is always in her families buisness. Example Kourts

  4. Brenda

    Merry Christmas Kim!!! U look so Jennifer Lopez here which is a good thing….. U both are great women role models!!!!

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