1. DesMoines Hilton

    forget Paris, the bleached out chick in the black sunglasses has an @ss that won’t quit. Damn…

  2. the_douche_master

    Her coochie is sticking out. Paris is a skinny, vapid, egotistical whore.

    I’d fuck her though, as would most men, even the ones that say they wouldn’t. Behind closed doors, there ain’t much most men wouldn’t fuck. Let’s get that out there and be honest.

    Saying you wouldn’t fuck Paris is like saying you don’t masturbate, there are two kinds of men…those that admit it, and those that lie.

    • kaili

      girls too! some of them like her and some of them “hate” her. but always they read about her, but why ?? lol

  3. Audrey Jo

    That´s a lot of pussy for a pack of bones.

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