1. Heidi

    Come on, she’s not pregnant. She just ate something.

  2. JN

    If she is pregnant, hopefully she’ll grow an ass.

  3. Andri

    u guyz, trust me, im a 22 year old who got pregnant at 19…shes probably pregnant cuz tht is definetely a pregnant tummy.

    plus think about it, this is paris hilton, will she rly ever eat enough for her tummy 2 look like tht?!

  4. Mel

    Oh god, Andri. The stupidity of your comment is just…mind numbing. Just because you got pregnant at 19 doesn’t make you an authority on who is and is not pregnant. Paris was probably just bloated when this was taken. Not ALL stomachs are PERFECTLY FLAT, you morons. Geez.

  5. joku vaan

    Maybe she is tired about crazy Hollywood style? She looks now more sexy and not super skinny like some supermodel which it does not health at all. And those people who complain about this message, they are just brainwashed by the media etc..

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