1. duckbutter

    Is she pregnant? No. Has she gained some weight? Yes.

    Does it make her hotter? It def. does. She looks better with some more ‘meat’ on her. Legs, ass, boobs, a little bit in the belly too…. I find her hotter now for some reason…

    Then again I like having sex with pregnant chicks…. give em’ the duck butter.

  2. Sara

    Doesn’t look preg to me. Just like she’s gained a little. She looks like a normal person now.
    I approve.

  3. Cock Dr

    Dammit how can this spoiled vapid bitch gain weight over the holidays & look hotter because of it?
    This is the boyfriend of the moment? Good luck asshole. I hope you put triplets up in there.

  4. lol wut?

    holy shit guys i think i’m pregnant too. I ALSO HAVE A FLAT STOMACH AND TINY BOOBS SHIT SHIT FUCK

  5. Nik

    Holy crap she is actuallly really hot now. Her body looks amazing.

  6. Matt

    She is a dirty slut whos a plastic piece of shit and has had so much plastic surgery shes a dirty bitch who will fuck anyone going down the street…look at the state of her lips in every photo i see she has different lips ! discusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! slut slut slut she is a fcuking dicrass to her family

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