1. Sadie

    That is most definitely the stomach of a pregnant woman.

    Anyone have a coat hanger and a Shop-Vac handy?

    • L

      Thats awesome! She can do the old method..being pushed down a flight of steps!!

    • till

      She’s not pregnant, it’s called fat, and the only reason it’s in the shape of a bump is because she’s trying to suck it in!

  2. I'd believe anything but this

    The day Skank-Whore Paris is knocked up is when Bill Clinton sleeps with Hillary! There are a lot of pure idiots(Obama, etc) but none would plant any seed in this Ho. The max this could ever be, she seriously swallowed a watermelon seed! Even a chimpanzee wouldn’t claim it to be his. Please think how the world would be WITH ANOTHER DUMB, UNEDUCATED, WORTYHLESS AS TITS-ON-A-BOAR, BORING, SLEAZY run-off of P Hilton. ELTON JOHN would get all preggy before the no-good whore!!!

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