1. fuzz

    it’s cervical tumor from all the STDs she has

  2. That’s just her lower intestine, and visual proof that she’s full of shit.

  3. EatCake

    With all the people who read this site and feel the need to look and dress like a celebrity, how many eating disorders do you think you’re responsible for? I’d say at least couple thousand. God Bless you, sir!! A skinnier world is a prettier world.

  4. starfish

    I believe she is just fat…Syphilis, HPV, gonnorhea.. they all scar your fallopian tubes therefore she is most likely sterile.

  5. Roxy

    Finally! A real advertisement for Carl’s Jr.

  6. I'm on my period

    My stomach looks like this all the fucking time. Fuck you asshole.

    • vagina

      Why so angry? are you paris hilton

      • gaby

        WTF why would you think that

      • BanDit82Baby

        Like celebutards (any Kardshian, “Reality” TV stars) don’t cruise the sites to see who’s talking after they scream to the tops of their lungs for attention (i.e crotch shots, nip slips, going out for fuckin sushi @
        Midnite, or in Britney’s case, Wal-mart) Get legit you insipid bitch and stop showlng off that train-wreck body, you have no ass and I know whether to feed you an apple or brush ur hair and put you in ur stable. #SICKMARE

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