1. Cock Dr

    With Paris’s recent legal problems she must have had to cut back on the steady cocaine diet. Looks like she’s accumulating some saddlebags back there.

  2. doni

    A) Haven’t I seen her in a costume like this before? B) Isn’t she pushing 30 and getting a little old for the whole slutty druggy thing?

  3. Rough skills & power tools

    No way! These cheeks has got to be included with the costume. It’s gotta…

  4. andy7171

    Nice Ass honey!

  5. j

    i dont care, i’d still fuck her.

  6. hmm

    She looks better.

    Remember she is significantly underweight for her height. Probably diets all the time. Now she looks healthy and has a normal / hot ass.

  7. xavier

    Well, I always thought she had a great ass. Is she an airhead? I don’t think so. But her ass is awesome & should be appreciated more.

  8. ponch

    i hate to say this, but she actually looks decent in these pics.

  9. Yup, that looks like a human ass aight.
    Seeing this and Amy Winohouse, I must conclude it was Scrawny Confusingly Sexy UggoChick Comeback Week, which I feel must be celebrated.
    Especially in Amy’s case because say what you want, but damn could that girl sing.

  10. One of the masses

    Is anyone else wondering if they had to burn that icky sailor outfit? Its jammed up her cooter and is prolly gooey now. She’s yesterdays news BTW.

  11. She’s getting old…that shit is starting to SAG now…

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