1. May Johner

    Well, if I have to look at Paris…

  2. Great White Pygmy

    Oh No! I’ve dropped my contact lens!

  3. Great White Pygmy

    That magic moment in evolution when the pond scum crawled out of the water.

  4. Dr. Jellyfinger

    I’m in the mood for sodomy.

  5. ben dover

    from here i can clearly see your nuts

  6. CuriousTroll

    The source of all herpes right there.

  7. This photo reminder is brought to you by Valtrex.

  8. Give me a box of Magnums and some lube and I’ll be in that ass. I gotta wear 2 condoms, cause she’s got the herpes.

  9. ruler

    Great ass on Paris.

  10. Neo

    going balls deep.

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  12. lilgrandma

    I see nothing but BONES YUCK!!! get some meat on girl and grow up!!!!

  13. rospo

    Cavallo, indeed.

  14. the crazy betty

    ouch. sharp…

  15. the crazy betty

    could she be trying any harder? what’s next, she’s going to show us her anus?

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