1. Scott

    Isn’t showing a pictures of Pamela Anderson’s butt the equivalent of showing anybody else’s fully exposed forearm?

  2. johnnyhildo

    Rick knew the risks, but could not talk Pam out of joining the ranks of professional taint tanners.

  3. Holy shit, DiCaprio’s new role is playing Rick Salomon

  4. nifty joe

    looks like leonardo decaprio mid shapeshift turning into jack nicholson

  5. Mellllzy

    There’s a cure for Hep C now. It’s super expensive, but take the meds for 6 – 12 months and it’s gone for good. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but she has enough money so she probably doesn’t have it anymore.

    • It’s $1,000+ for each pill and it has to be taken daily for something like 12 weeks. That comes to the neighborhood of $84K just just for the meds.

    • The cost of Sovaldi and the two companion meds for the 12 week cure is $100K but a liver transplant costs $600K and considering her husband just won a few million playing poker I’m guessing he would spring for it.

  6. right

    She looks better from the rear then the front. He’s a skuzz. Speaks volumes about her.

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