1. Honest Abe

    Without all that naked stuff, there would be no Pamela Anderson. She has made a fortune with that hot body! Too bad she didn’t keep her clothes on- of course if she had, her son would be picked on for having a truckstop waitress for a mom.

  2. Franksinatrastein

    Her choices were limited, that’s for sure, but I think she could have made it to BayWatch without posing naked.

    She’s comparable to Farrah Fawcett. Insanely attractive, young – and she could have parlayed that into $.

    But let’s face it, she made the choices that she made. It’s not as if she married a “nice guy.” She married Tommy Lee, and thought it was just a nifty idea to have him film her while she serviced him. It ain’t the nude photo’s that her kids are hearing about – it’s hardcore porn that their mother AND father were stupid enough to film.

    She could have done the Farrah Fawcett eye-candy thing. She could have modeled, with her clothes mostly on. Hell, she could have made a nice, wealthy executive very happy, and we’d have never heard of her.

    But that’s not her personality. She wanted the Playboy lifestyle and attention. She wanted the Rock Star husband.

    You want that dance, you’ve got to pay the fiddler…

  3. thisisfakeduh

    she says this while attending a playboy party…..

  4. major

    (2) sextapes. that we know of. boo hoo.

  5. nursekimmie

    yikes, her outfit is just as bad and it matches her purse. what happened to her?

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