1. Cock Dr

    Didn’t she used to be married to this guy for about 8 seconds?
    Or was that someone else. Pam’s romantic past is complicated.
    They look like they’re having a good time.
    Did the pap have an awesome zoom lens for these or were they going at it like this in front of all the tourists?

    • more likely. as another staged pap event to make it look like she was blowing him. first pic the guy is smiling while looking at the camera.

      • …shannen doherty, elizabeth daly, paris hilton, pam anderson…who the fuck is this dude, and how does he keep cycling between all these notorious hollywood skanks? (or did i just answer my own question)

  2. Well, that answers the “spit or swallow” question. Notice how he’s firmly squeezing the inflatable device…now that’s true love. Yup, an ocean couldn’t clean up this scene.

  3. Oy vey…

    And she used to have hot guys too.

  4. She really is a good actress. Method work from the “Baywatch” days…

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