1. Maggie

    First I wanted to say I love you girls.!!! You are such great role models for young people..! If I had a clothing line I would call it mum’s by Maggie because mum would be for my mother who passed away 4 yrs ago and she was the best mother in this world. My best friend.!!!!! I miss her so very much each day of my life. That would be what I would call it. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  2. Latisha Brewer


  3. dania

    I would call it “Doll Up by Dania” because every girl wants to look like a doll and get pretty.

  4. stephanie flores


    sophistication without altering greatness

    I think that says it all we the women that strut our fashion are classy and sophisticated but we don’t change ourselves to be great because we are great from the start

  5. Rachel Belliveau

    I’ve been thinking a lot and researching starting my own clothing line because of your show for a long time now. I actually work in Customer Service for a company that prints your Dash tissue paper in Massachusetts! I would call my clothing line Dufit, because when you wear it, it Du-fit! I love you girls and you are truly an inspiration!!

  6. yvonne

    I would name my line passion for pink the reason i shows that name is cause i love pink i would like to remind people that that you should always support breast cancer awanesst

  7. Vicky

    I would call it “Vital” each piece of clothing would be vital for a womans wardrobe and versatile to combine with different styles.

  8. manda

    I would name my clothing line the sainz fashion line. Because my last name is sainz. And also these outfits are adorable.

  9. amanda

    I would name my clothing line the Sainz Fashion Line. Because my last name is sainz. And these outfits are so cute.

  10. Melis

    I would name my clothing line… Bella Vida. It means “Beautiful Life”… I just feel that everybody deserves a bella vida.. and they deserve to look fab while doing so! I live a bella vida everyday… I’m soooo thankful for the life I have been given… that I named my 4 month old daughter that as well! :)

  11. stephanie flores

    I know it may not sound feminine but it stands for sophistication without altering greatness

  12. Mpho

    Hi Kimmie I would name the line “Bontle” which means beauty in my language am from South Africa as it is all about elegancy,vibrant, comfortable, super hot clothes that makes a woman to be inspired n feel sexy *wink*

  13. j.Rose

    If I had the opportunity

  14. chesnya

    I would call it Jean’s Angel after my father who pasted away from colon cancer. And i would give half of the money I made to the Colon Cancer Association so they can help find a cure for caner.

  15. Gurwider

    “Beauty” and that’s means it all!

  16. Jacqueline Ozuna

    Hey ladies! If I just so happened to have a fashion line for QVC I would name it One. My father’s name is Onesimo after Onesimus in the bible, but every one calls in One. I truely love my father so much and value the words of wisdom he shares with me. I guess I can say I’m a true daddy’s girl. Sounds like a great giveaway ladies! You all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  17. Vanessa

    The clothing line I would design would be called TRUST…the logo would have trust356_365 the numbers of course in a fashionable design…it stands for Proverbs 3: 5-6 TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING, ACKNOWLEDGE HIM IN ALL YOUR WAYS AND HE SHALL DIRECT YOUR PATH STRAIGHT….it would be a contemporary christian fashion line with fashionable designs and patterns…with inspiration!! It would be for all ages and include accessories!:)

  18. leigh baker

    Soooo, I would name my line “CANDY”, because all girls like a little “CANDY”! It showcase cute sport suits with just enough trimmings, or “candy” to make them fab! I would start with grosgrain ribbon trimming because I am from the south! Then on to more bling like studs and rhinestones, then for summer its tanks and tees with matching shorts! Of course we would have to accessorize with a jewelry line with the same name! I have actually made my own beaded jewelry and labeled as “CANDY”, loooove it, and so do my friends and coworkers! I just need to broaden my horizens! And you guys are a great inspiration! I looooove your look, and I loooooove you guys! As we say around here, you rock!

  19. allie

    I’d call it PRECIOUS PEARL because in my opinion I think every girl is precious as a pearl.. every girl is beautiful in their own way. And I would make the clothing really comfortable but yet really sexy. And just the name makes the brand relaxing :-)

  20. Lauren

    I would call it instinct. Fashion is an instinct. Every piece should make you feel good and confident in your own skin. I would want to celebrate the features that make women unique.

  21. dd

    My line would be named daddy’s girl denim, my dad passed away in 2006, he was my best friend and I would love to have a clothing line to honor him. My line would consist of skinny jeans for every women and dark denim shrunken blazers. Also many more beautiful pieces aside from the denim that would represent latinas because I part Hispanic because my father was from Mexico.

  22. Mary walker

    I love the show ..hello everyone I would name it marvelous by dash..

  23. Mary walker

    I thought about I’m doing me by dash..

  24. Naomi Geddes

    I would go with NANI Girl. Nani in Hawaiian means beautiful. Being part Hawaiian I would love to design clothing or bathing suits that represents our pure, beautiful and relaxed feeling of life.

  25. Yosra

    I would call it barbie wear because every girl deserves to pamper herself an be as cute as a doll! BARBIE WEAR!

  26. cambria quiller

    I would name my clothing line CQL by cambria quiller. family is really important to me and I would not be where I am without them so I have the first initials of the names in my family (chachere, quiller, Lewis)

  27. Fabiola Adame

    Fa-Bella Collections….
    Thats what I would call mine

  28. Kristen

    “K” but write the k in to a logo. you and your fam are your brand

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