1. burton

    so i wonder if this is a recent pic, or another “kendra” pic as in it was taken years ago..if not thats a great photoshop job, cause she looks scary as fuck in person, i met her in person in Jasper a few months ago and she looks NOTHING like these pics…shes haggard and looking older than her age.

    • GravyLeg

      You jest…. OF COURSE they are old pics… This hag is so old her first set of pics were “airbrushed” by Michaelangelo.

    • lindsay

      @ burton, there are TONS of pics on the internet that show how terribly shes aged. i cant even imagine how bad she looks in real life! shes lived a hard partying white trash lifestyle (shes even admitted doing cocaine) and it DEFINENTLY shows! she needs to stop still trying to be the hot blonde bombshell that she was 15+ years ago because the whole world knows she doesnt look like that anymore! shes becoming a laughingstock.

  2. burton

    met her in Jasper a few months ago, she LOOKS NOTHING like these pics…she is scary looking and looks about 69 in real life.

  3. GravyLeg

    Countdown to Playboy cease and desist letter to Fish…. 10… 9… 8…

  4. KC

    Can I set a record for not caring?

  5. Andriiya

    Note to photoshoppers… it doesn’t make the picture look less photoshopped when you put someone in a dress in the water.

  6. kingofbeer

    would still hit it!

    Pam call me!!

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  7. Citizen Kane

    Nudes or GTFO

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