1. Daniel Negreanu’s date needs a diaper change.

  2. Andyca

    OMG!!! My eyes!!! My eyes!!!

  3. Even her ass wants to escape her.

  4. Paps catch the moment Deena’s herpes blisters burst.

  5. Amanda

    I believe the term for that is “squirting”.

  6. Deucepickle

    So uh, maybe later you want to come over and fix my sink ?

  7. papastryfe

    Who knew she’d squirt all of the steroids out from her ass put there by her housemates with joy dancing with a guy whose tan doesn’t wash off in the ocean?

  8. papastryfe

    dammit, strikethrough didn’t work…only cuz i’m not as cool as Fish.

  9. bethy

    Trip to NJ: $300 (round-trip)
    Fame whoring for photos with Jersey Shore stars: (free…probably)
    Getting herpes from dancing: irreversible

  10. Loulou

    OMG! Your water just broke! Time to push now!

  11. MrsWrong

    You can tell by his face he’s really interested in her personality

  12. *vomits on keyboard*

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