1. Jared

    Don’t ever try and tell me the beaches on the east coast are comparable to the ones here in California. This, being photo evidence.

    • Personification of the Gods that built Mount Olympus

      Beaches in Florida>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> California beaches

      • Jared

        HAH! Dude, don’t kid yourself, Florida sucks. The mere thought of that muggy, tacky, racist, shitdick of a state makes me want to puke.

    • Admiral Kirk

      Yeah Jared, the cold, dirty water and filthy sand in SoCal are awesome.

  2. diego

    I hope that fine young gentleman with the margarita in hand is here with Greenpeace to help push the pod of beached whales back into the water.

  3. BSting

    Apparently a BMI over 30 is required to enter onto Jersey’s beaches.

  4. pde

    this must be the photoshoot for lane bryants swim catalog

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