1. snarky_the_lurker

    bigfoot pose. nice. solid. manly lady.

  2. Double D

    Those are just what they call “breeding hips.” If what you are breeding is Holsteins.

  3. BSting

    Are you sure this isn’t a doctored pic from one of Brooke Hogan’s photo shoots?

  4. BG

    Fat, ugly, slut at the beach. This “woman” is aged beyond her years. No grace, no character, no mystery, no qualities that will get her more than 10 minutes of a guy’s attention to get in and get out ASAP. Just in your face skankiness.

    • gluten

      it’s a typical-looking fat, old Italian… man.
      and this is the very reason why people have private pools in their backyards. you know, with fences and shit. and usually a shed. with a lock. so you don;t have to look at it if you don’t want to.

  5. bassackwards

    Somebody wave a greasy sausage?

  6. Famous Plastic

    J-woww before all the lipo.

  7. cutthecrap

    holy shit, even the sand on the beach is giving up. The weight of her and her herpes is just too much!

  8. she looks fine body is that…sigh..but then again ive had 3 kids..BUT SHE STILL LOOKS OK..

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