1. Liliy

    Lol, she’s on top of Pauly D.
    His life is probably flashing before his eyes.

  2. Should we wrap her in wet towels and hope high tide pulls her back in? Or just blow her up with dynamite?

  3. Crotch

    Planking, Jersey Store style

  4. MisterSuccint

    … and Cortese sticks the landing!
    But the feet are slightly apart, that will cost her at least half a point.

  5. Jovy

    Evidence that Free Willy did not make it over that wall.

  6. Not cool.

    One of these days these attention whores will die of alcohol poisoning.

  7. bassackwards

    Please let it be tomorrow……

  8. MrsWrong

    Look Ma! No ass!!!

  9. These people are the epitome of classless. Ugh.

  10. lalala

    look at that hot body, those brown rolls flubbering about, and that pancake ass complete with cottage cheese…yumm

  11. spanks

    these girls are so uggggly

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