1. Suze

    She is gorgeous but why oh why does nobody ever bring up her VERY OBVIOUS nose job? There is a reason she is 10x’s hotter than she was on that 70′s show, it’s called nose job. Everybody went ape shit over Megan Fox’s nose work and don’t say a peep about Mila’s, who’s work is just as obvious if you bother to take a peek at her older stuff,

  2. smd

    no one has said anything cuz she never got a nose job. I’m looking at her old stuff now and it looks the same. She looks better now cuz she’s older and has better make up artists. I do make up for a living and there’s A LOT you can do with a little highlighting and contouring.

  3. Phil

    Would somebody PLEASE buy this girl some tits?

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