1. Rather

    Stunning. I love huge boobies as much as the next guy, but Olivia proves you don’t have to have C’s to be gorgeous.

  2. ktulu

    she’s a dog man look at that mug

  3. Sean

    She is pretty…but not that pretty. To be honest, I saw hotter women at the beach yesterday.

  4. Bojangle

    What the fuck ever. I saw this chick on Conan and she is ridiculously hot. These are untouched and without makeup. There’s a reason she’s married to some sort of Prince bullshit.

  5. MeganFoxCanSuckMyKnife


  6. allure

    i will always love olivia wilde

  7. mbiu

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  8. Yeah… I’ll take Britney, thank you.


    it doesnt even look like shes wearing any makeup, and shes still hot as hell.

  10. KindOfBlue

    Is that an appendectomy scar? You can only see it in the first pic, though.

  11. ashley

    She is so insanely pretty. It’s unreal.

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