• Darken

      All the right features of an attractive woman, yet somehow still not attractive.

      Maybe its the whole faux gamer chick vibe. Or the pretentiousness of seeking more attention than she deserves for doing nothing. (I’m serious what has she done?)

      Dear God I’v spent far to much time writing this.

  1. AJ

    I think hosting a show for 5 years counts as more than nothing. If not, then what do you consider to be “something”. Are you seriously going to blame her for trying to advance her career a bit?

  2. Todd Johnson

    What a HOT biscuit…I LOVE HER SO….

  3. cyber

    Her face looks busted…..brown bag time.

  4. See Alice

    Olivia is trying so hard to become famous . Will she ever achieve fame ?

  5. joe

    Definitely looks like she could
    suck the chrome of a trailer hitch.
    Got that hot exotic face, and slutty
    attitude. Wonder if shes a spitter?

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