1. Levi Coult

    Where is the un-airbrushed version?

  2. ElleKay

    Olivia Munn is fucking hot. Dan is a retard.

  3. It’s just nice to see Olivia Munn doing what she does best, standing around and letting men stare at her. At least this photo shoot kept her from ruining another episode of The Daily Show. Olivia, thank you for not trying to be funny and just showing us your goodies instead.

  4. Alan Smithee

    She has no belly button, therefore is a clone. Alert the media; no wait, alert Twitter, the media is useless.

  5. Jessica

    Im more concerned about where her belly button is?!

  6. I too am offended, they covered up a perfectly good snatch. If God had wanted Olivia Munn clothed, she would have been born fat.

  7. Sweater Kittens

    Special Lower price $4.99?! Page count is like down to 60 pages or so now. The witty articles and advice about picking up women sound good but really really really aren’t that practical with today’s woman. At that cover price I would expect holographic nudes to pop up from the centerfold like out of Star wars the Clone Wars.

  8. Cardinal Fang

    Ok sorry. Apparently no comments about shooting sprees for a while. I don’t see where a little nudity is going to ruin our children or our society. Beauty is a beautiful thing. Sure I wouldn’t open a Hustler and explain what is going on between the 3 women, but I would tell them if they want a beautiful woman like that (pointing to hottie on cover) they better do there homework, get a really really good job and then eat shit for the rest of there lives…where was I going with this?

    Anyway. Olivia’s Munn looks yunnmmmmy

  9. Bobby

    I thought the controversy was all because she doesn’t have a belly button. They air-brushed it out and forgot to put it back in! That’s funny.

  10. erección

    ¬°Quiero a ver su vagina ahora!!

  11. Someone

    You guys are obviously not very familiar with a woman’s body. Her belly button in underneath her shirt.

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