1. I'm on my Period.

    I dont see why everyone thinks this girl is so hot. Shes average at best.

  2. I would love to have sex with this girl. i just can’t place my finger on why.

  3. kayk

    She comes with an instruction manual now.
    [ 1. wrap hands around neck]
    [ 2. squeeze]

  4. friendlyfires

    Olivia Munn demonstrating how she rose through the ranks of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

  5. ce123

    Definition of cock blocking

  6. atherisch

    The “trying too hard” thing used to be kind of endearing, because I felt bad for her, but I can’t “feel bad” for her if she’s making an asston of money to take a job from someone who could actually act. She was pitiful but cute, then just boring, now she’s actually getting annoying.

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