1. Fats

    first! who has banged Olivia Munn!

  2. it's so cute when fish plays chris matthews

    Wow, if that reference to someone poor and black ascending to the Presidency has to do with Obama, you have really shown your commie-pinko stripes, Fish.
    Firstly, he is more white and arab than black. And poor?? Puhleeze. He was groomed from the beginning, given every set-aside imaginable. Made editor of Harvard Law Review but never published a damned thing, for instance. Went straight from Occidental to Columbia with shiite grades. Went straight from the Illinois State Senate to the Oval Office in less than three years.
    Yeah, he really paid his dues!

    What a fucking crock.

  3. karmichael

    So, let me get this straight. She fucked a guy she was clearly disgusted by for a job or connections. So….that makes her a prostitute and him a john?
    Wow. Why would she even tell this story? It makes her come across as more disgusting and unlikeable than she already is. She is likely one of the most annoying people in entertainment today.
    Her parents must be so proud though. “Here Louise, this is mmy daughter’s book! She talks about how she sucked cocks for lines in movies” She’s come so far!

  4. SIN

    I really hate this new viewjng system here.

  5. As god is my witness I thought ” She wasn’t Asian back then,” was a made-up joke quote until just now.

    fucking awesome! this story has legs…

  6. oh lawd her face. whats wrong with it??

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