1. fghjsfgj

    Haha that’s pretty special!

  2. Double D

    Some like their eggs scrambled. Some like them sunny side up. And some like them with love handles.

  3. Ned

    I think she looks like shit, but she’d be beautiful if she wanted to

  4. 0100110

    I feel like the only one around here who thinks she awesome. She doesn’t her own weird little thing. Different is good, at least for me. And doesn’t anyone else get sick of the same female cookie cutter looks that we see saturated in the media? Oh gawd she has a big nose and small tits, SHE MUST BE A MAN! That’s such bs.

  5. 0100110

    Wow, how typos can ruin a good point. My bad. :(

  6. Ismoss

    Ewww she is so fugly its unreal.

  7. GagaisHot

    I’d lay the pipe to her sexy ass.

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