1. kayk

    Is captain America homeless now?

  2. cameron

    1989 called, it wants to know if it can have its Captain America movie back hahahahahahaha – this looks so fail!!

  3. Dave in dallas

    Anybody notice that the colors are wrong, just like all the red and gold on the new wonder woman? They’re ttrying hard NOT to make ppl think about the american flag when they re-make these old stories…. At least CA isn’t wearing USSR colors like wonder woman is…

  4. Charon

    Captain America NEVER, EVER wore a gun.

    • Ron

      From MARVEL bio: “After successfully becoming Captain America…
      Rogers was originally issued a traditionally-shaped “kite” shield made of mundane steel, as well as a sidearm.”

  5. Bulldog

    ug there is no kick start on this bike who the hell is responsible for this?

  6. Marvel fan

    This is ridiculous, it is the most embarasing marvel costume made. it doesn’t look like Cap at all, the cologners are wrong (brown boots? they are suposed to be red, like in the american flag!) His helmet? Why is it a helmet and not a mask? and it looks like it was made from plastic. And it looks terrible on. And what is upp with the gun?

    Change the helmet (it is supposed to be a mask!)
    Change the colours (red, white and blue, not, blue brown, white, silver and a litle red)
    remove gun.
    Make costume fit!

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