1. Zoltan

    Are those bullets zinging off the shield? Probably not. Is the right saddle bag falling off? Yes, that’s an equipment fail.

    Are there wings sticking out from the helmet? No, those wings are painted on. I’m gonna call that a movie win. I don’t care if your character’s name is Steve Rogers, Barry Allen or Wally West – wings sticking out of your head is gonna be a movie fail.

    Still and all, this is looking pretty decent!

    Still, as a fan, I’m gonna say the whole USO thing is gonna suck, not looking forward to that part. Yes, in movie-speak terms I’m sure that galvanizes Steve Rogers into action, thus creating Captain America – but in the real world (i.e., the comics world) Steve wasn’t galvanized by embarrassment, he was galvanized by patriotism.

  2. Joe

    Since the director has already said this wasn’t going to be a “rah rah” for America movie and Cap was going to be part of an International force, I have no interest in this film anymore. Leave it to Hollywood to make Captain America NOT about America. And this was set in WWII, so applying today’s politically correct standards to this story is just ridiculous.

    • crumb

      right…’cause being part of an international force during WWII makes no sense…that war was just America vs. Germany…I forgot.

      • PissOff

        Right, because Captain America SCREAMS Mr.BritishFrenchCanadian.

        This is really a shame, the whole movie set looks like a joke.

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