1. mm


  2. Jose

    “Be the first of your friends to like this.”

    No thanks, facebook.

  3. Peoplewhowrite"first"are fucked


    • LuvdaBoobies

      YES THEY ARE…thank you for pointing that out! Fuck you people that do that.

      PEOPLE….when you proclaim FIRST….I just imagine that you are sitting in your mom’s basement in your filthy underwear sitting in front of the computer continuously hitting refresh on the superficial page on your greasy cum splattered keyboard hyperventilating at the opportunity for your moment of glory. Get a fucking life people!!!!

      • upyours

        hey fucknuts your thoughts are double standards it sounds like you are that person cause only society challenged shitsticks like urself would know so much bout it……

  4. Peoplewhowrite"first"are fucked


  5. Sonicare cover

    My eyes!!!! They burn!!!!

  6. My Eyes!!! They BURN!! Did I just catch the herp?

  7. teabagger

    ok – so much going on here.

    For one, the hotter sister Nikki looks like she’s a heroin junky now. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – just an observation.

    For two, how these girls are still breathing is a mystery to me, but i hope it changes soon.

    For three, I can’t tell who the skank in the middle is, but naturally her diamond says she can buy or sell any/all of us.

    For for, where’s a nice wall of shark aids when you need one?

  8. Cat

    Is… Is she EATING that microphone? Must’ve thought it was a weiner…

  9. Eric

    I’d hit it. No, really, I would. I’d split that bitch like a cord of firewood.

  10. Butt Lovin Bear 401

    Her sister is blocking her ears & someone is grabing her arm, probably to remove her & get her to stop torturing everyone within earshot.

  11. Lady Blah Blah

    Seeing that made me hurl up the pancakes I ate for breakfast. Guys, be smart. You don’t put your hand in the sink drain when the garbage disposal unit is running, do you? Don’t put your wiener into soggy slop holes that are guaranteed to leave you with an itchy crotch for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

  12. joho777

    What, are you guys 11- years- old that the sight of someone’s panties gets you all excited?

    Paris’s pubs have already been photographed and the stricking thing about them is their dark 5-o’clock-shadow. Paris is a natural brunette and it really shows under her arms and between her legs.

    I can’t believe how pitiful you all are. Why don’t you get a girlfriend and look at a real one?

    Of course, it will mean that you will have to take a shower ever so often and start brushing your teeth again (like whan you were small)

  13. MK

    All that money and they act like common druggy types…..also all that money and still dont look good……..

  14. Wyatt

    Damn those underpanties!

  15. stev

    That headline made me laugh.

  16. LuvdaBoobies

    FUUUUUCK!!!!!! I think I just caught HERPES from LOOKING at this…..where’s my doctor’s number (scratch-scrath-scratch)

  17. white vag beater

    I still dump a load in that shit…..

  18. Hard 4 Paris

    Too bad she has herpes.

  19. Doug

    Awesome, any time I can see more of her, the better…

  20. aury

    nasty ass bitch.

  21. Fati87

    I hate Nicky Hilton.

  22. rake

    You can’t even show a simple pussy crack without someone complaining. They show enough cock in the media already. Only Paris and Britney show the men anything.

  23. John Sabotta

    I’ve always liked her weird, cryptic smile.

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