1. This is going to be my new wallpaper

  2. Siloporcen7

    Move: Pregnant rubber neck lizard splay

  3. I bet she smells better now than when this photo was taken.

  4. sexyman48

    Once again the perfect marriage material eludes me.

  5. Chupacabra

    When this photo was originally released, I thought, “oh shit, she just died ON A PARK BENCH LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON… typical.”

  6. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Don’t let that picture fool you, guys, that’s nothing; that’s just booze. I saw a LOT of frat parties like that, and most of those guys are running the country now! COCAINE is what killed her.

  7. Jessesgirl

    Why oh why was she always so skinny except for that huge bloated stomach? Worms? Impacted colon? Swollen liver? Nasty.

    • It’s call junk belly. You know the starving-children-in-Africa that weigh 6 pounds and have a basketball gut? Same thing. Basically starvation bloat, from tweaking instead of eating and the drugs rotting out your body.

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