1. Hugh Jass

    Pretty sure that’s Zach Galifianakis

  2. That's "libertarian," not "liberal"

    Hey, Fish, you’re looking at a product of the esteemed Pennsylvania public school system (I believe the same one from which you come). Who needs education reform when you have such sterling examples as Bam Margera and his band of asshats running around proving that the public education system is perfectly fine the way it is. Shit, just pay teachers more money to keep sucking at their jobs.

  3. hmmmm

    man, i love the hangover too – i should get it!

  4. I’ll take tattoos for two hundred Alex…

    What pus faced piece of dog shit recently got a tattoo of Bluto on his shoulder?

  5. stabworthy

    What pisses me off is somewhere some hot chick wants to fuck this guy.. sad.

  6. Lollll

    Funny how he’s started looking like the fatso (namely his dad) in his jackass clips

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