1. Maeby


  2. M

    I’m not sure which is more disturbing. The alienlike hip/stomach/bellybutton/scars or the man hands. I’m gonna go with man hands.

  3. mangy mutt

    she said she’s never had a tummy tuck after the birth of the octuplets…I beg to differ. Her belly button shows she’s had her belly button moved up her stomach which is what they do in a tummy tuck. I call BS on her saying she didn’t have a tummy tuck.

  4. So, I’m guessing her people magazine photo shoot was way photo shopped? She is such a liar. My best friend just had a baby and has stretch marks no biggy “everyone gets them”. She didn’t have to lie, and tell the world she didn’t have surgery, which obviously she did and that you look prefect after having 8 kids at once. She is so far from pretty it’s pathetic.

  5. smadgie

    That’s one of the grossest things I’ve seen. Please let this …..thing die soon. Maybe then her troop of failed money makers will have a chance at a REAL life. Pathetic.

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