1. Zilly

    So obviously a fake belly button.

  2. man hands

    OMG look at her MANHANDS!!!

  3. Rose

    Why is she taking pictures of this?? She had a shit ton of kids and she’s not a real celebrity so I’m not expecting her body to look like friggin Heidi Klum’s or something, so stop showing it to us! GOD! Her belly-button disturbs me to no end!

  4. Wahid

    Well, a little late here, just found your blog. Anyway, when I saw the hadeline of this post, it seemed like a no-brainer to me. The consequences of IVF being higher rates of multiples, and prematurity. My husband and I had to do IVF to conceive, and we agreed with our RE: we didn’t want multiples, too risky. We were good candidates for a single embryo transfer, so that’s what we did. Well, we got identical twins.Luckily, they did hold out until 36wks (after several rounds of PTL and me on hospital bedrest for a month) and have no signs of CP or any other issue stemming from prematurity. But, I’m glad you write about this so many people are ignorant about the risks of multiples. I know they just don’t know better, but I hate it when people say Oh I want twins or triplets! How cute! They have no idea what they are asking for. Of course, most people can’t just have twins or trips on a whim, but I do wish there was more information available anyway.

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