1. maeby

    Where are her hips? Her belly looks like..like…i don’t even know. Messed up. It reminds me of a cadaver. Definite tummy tuck and boob job. I dont know why she has to lie about it.

  2. poorlola

    Her “Abs” look disgusting!! They look decomposed!

  3. CharmlessMan

    Octo-mom, much like her aquatic namesake, can change the color of her skin to match her environment.

  4. Big Ass Bunny Feet

    I like how the surgeon gave her a tummy tuck start that would sorta look like obliques. Interesting.

  5. Um

    Her belly button is staring at me.

  6. LEB

    If she hadn’t given birth to 37 children, I would think she’s a tranny. Seriously.

  7. Rene

    This bitch is nasty and discusting….she looks horrid and should be paid to keep the damn clothes on….those poor kids….This nasty needs more than Dr.Phil…no one can really help her….now its the kids who will suffer….man that is just horrible to look at.

  8. Kimi

    she looks like 40 miles of bad road…give it up already and take care of your kids for christ’s sakes…

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