1. errm yeah, that looks JUSSST like angelina jolie–hahahahahahahaha money wellll spent, fuck the kids

  2. Was this really necessary?

  3. maeby


  4. Angelina Jolie

    I thought I was looking into a mirror!

  5. SamAttack

    Even her bikini is trying to escape.

  6. It had to be said

    So, she has no sphincter control at all? I assume she sharted and doesn’t realize it.

  7. N


  8. adolf hitler

    jennifer aniston didnt stand a chance

  9. CharmlessMan

    They should use this picture in English as a second language books to illustrate the word “saggy”.

  10. Big Ass Bunny Feet

    Check out the tummy tuck scar above her ass. Not a good look.

  11. CharmlessMan

    There are some asses you just want to nuzzle up against. Then there are some which you have no problem imagining them farting.

  12. steen

    A fitting end for such a horrific trainwreck.

  13. Asshole


    • Big Balls

      Ruff, Ruff to all celebrities who TRY to look “good”. Asshole, OCTOMOM is, by far, better than any of your blow-up dolls! She’s ALL NATURAL, with an ASS, big, hanging GLOBES of pleasure and a snatch I’d eat every Thanksgiving!!! Hell, Asshole, if you’d take a skank like P Hilton, KK or anything else over OCTOMOM, you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree….

      • Blech

        This reads like it’s written by Octo’s girlfriend, Christina.

        And, no, Chrissy, Octomom is not “all-natural”, unless “all-natural” includes tons of lipo and botox silicone.

  14. Justin Cognito

    Say what you will, but I would smash that!

  15. Daaaaang

    FUCK. I think I can smell this photo.

  16. Normal Male

    Would not bang that with a stolen dick. She’s so worn out that it would be like dangling a worm in a silo.

  17. ELO

    OMG! The comments here are making me LOL all over the place. Diet Coke just shot out of my NOSE! Ill be back to read the funneh people here! Thank you! I needed that!

  18. jijjy

    I’m embarrassed to say that I would pay to sniff her butt.

  19. keira

    only thing that comes into my mind is…..URGHHHHHH *barf*

  20. Blech

    I’m not into serial murderers and stalkers and psychos. However, I can’t help but wonder why one hasn’t abducted this thing we’re supposed to call a “woman”?

  21. Kimi

    what the hell happened to back of her swimsuit? she must have busted ass and broke the shit loose.

  22. Mark

    I’d tap that ass, as in her actual “ass”.. She doesn’t need any more kids…

  23. richman

    Truly frightening.

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