1. maeby


  2. blonde

    oh my baaaaaaaaaarrrffffffffffff

  3. CharmlessMan

    That ass does not say, “Sexy!” to me. That ass says, “This is where poop comes from.”

  4. some dude

    I’m praying for her.

  5. Double D

    When you have to tie two bikini bottoms together to cover up your gunt, it’s pretty much over.

  6. IHatePoopinAtWork

    Did she have an ass-plosion and blow the back of the suit out? I’m not understanding the look she’s going for here. Not delish.

  7. I feel mildly unwell. Check that… PROFOUNDLY unwell.

  8. robin

    they couldn’t photoshop out the cold sore on her lip?

  9. Jovy

    When I focused in on the wrinkles plaguing this woman’s ass my vision began to blur.

  10. Jasmine

    No one is mentioning her face. Why won’t you people acknowledge her busted face?? Yikes.

  11. jlover

    yummy yummy give me some octomommy

  12. Chloe

    Her stomach looks like Voldemort’s face. Her belly button reminds me of his nose…

  13. Bladety

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth…

  14. Melanie

    What the heck happened to the bikini??
    Pretty cruel for the photographers to go ahead and take pics of her that way.

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