1. Is that a Tony Danza tattoo?

  2. heahie

    Eeeewwwweeeee. He’s got stretch marks.

  3. jenn

    what an ugly guy… why are porn men so ugly? how are we supposed to enjoy something like this with ugly man balls to look at… =(

  4. Ricky Gervais

    How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?

  5. Ballin Collin

    Who the hell wants to see a fat mexican in a diaper other than some gay cozplay doods?

  6. HiveMonster

    Is that a Tony Danza tattoo? I think we know Who’s the Boss!

  7. Tony Danza tattoo FTW!! Who’s the Boss now, B!$%^ !

  8. Andriiya

    Is this seriously a fetish that anyone else has or just what she normally does on a first date?

  9. Gilberator

    “Ms. Suleman, we have reason to believe one of your children may be a spy. And a Tony Danza fan.”

  10. Steelerchick

    Barf!!! eeeeewwww


    This man goes by the name of “Tattoo” and works at hip hop station power 106….he’s always doing outrageous things…and this, by far, is the most outrageous.

  12. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    That makes 15 for her. Is she now officially qualified to live in a shoe?

  13. The Wincehster

    Those pictures would look a lot better without that TMZ watermark over it.

    And those people in it.

  14. C. Hart

    These are all about as erotic as watching a chimp hump a tire.

  15. In a few random photo shoots, she did look fuckable. However, I have a hard time fucking any girl, after knowing some of the nasty sleaze balls that have previously been inside here. After seeing this clown, I am no longer on the fence about here, in fact I have actually burned the whole damn fence down!

  16. * Pretty stoned right now, replace all my “here” with “her” lol

  17. Baron Bleeke

    manohmanohman are her kids gonna be absolute TRAIN WRECKS!!

    2nd grade is gonna be *wonderful* for those kids.

  18. telling it like it is

    That guy is on the Big Boy in The Morning show in LA. Power 106. His name is Tattoo. He does all the crazy stunts for them.

  19. TrojanMustang

    She could have at least done the decent thing and leaked a sex tape; at least that’s becoming normal for children to deal with. This is just absolutely disturbing.

  20. pookiewookie

    Looks like its time to pay the piper for all her past stupidity.


    What he thinking being seen with a scank like her!

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