1. cc

    This picture would fit right in on a television appeal for a third world relief fund.

  2. bewbs

    I thought they were locked in a bedroom…

  3. AAPL made me rich!

    Are you my _____?

  4. Fe

    I would say this isn’t a big deal as my son runs around in his diaper, but again, without running water, how are these kids BATHING?

  5. Mike von

    Holy Fuck Its the children of the corn ! Kill these little bastards asap !

  6. smarter than your mama

    These kids look like they need to ride the short bus. especially that kid up front with the dummy stare

  7. jplmb

    what is wrong with all of you…short bus…children of the corn…..serious you people are horrible

  8. jplmb

    mike von …what is wrong with you….even as a joke you don’t say those things….horrible.

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