1. Wayne Newton’s newest plastic surgery is boobs, apparently.

  2. SOB

    She is looking more like Arnold Schwarzenegger everyday

  3. maeby

    I think she’s currently giving birth in this photo…

  4. Me

    You know, I would normally never defend Octomom…but isn’t having a fake tan kinda a prerequisite for porn stars?

  5. Crissy

    Well, I guess someone out there has a thing for this praying mantis. You all know what happened to the babies’ father…. Bitch ate him!


    She looks like she needs to be sprayed with Raid not a tan!

  7. moopy

    whats between her legs….?!

  8. neo

    “We are reporting live, from the cavernous vagina of Octomom!!”

  9. Anna

    is that a diaper in the crotch region? or just one of her kids?

  10. ss109

    Take that John Ham!!!

  11. Emma

    It looks like another one is trying to fall out under that dress.

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