1. Misana

    not the best angle.

  2. Crissy

    At ANY angle is NOT her best angle! Only way she looks good is if she disappears!!!

  3. Charlie

    wtf??? Her ass cheek…wtf is with her ass cheek?????????Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Belle Starr

    Bwitch has some serious body malformations. Too much lipo and plastic surgery. She has to do porn in order to make enough to afford the upkeep on all her procedures. D*amn the kids – they’re on their own.

  5. Me

    I got some sag, but nothing compared to that butt cheek. Looks like some more plastic surgery is in order.

    • Belle Starr

      Looks like the plastic surgery has failed and her butt cheek is trying to escaped. Probably scared of her, like the rest of us.

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