1. ellie66

    Damn she needs some undereye concealer those dark circles make her look zombie like.

  2. Charlie

    roflmao. You really should tell your “photoshopper” that they do a piss poor job. With Hi-Def I can see all the shading & lines. Sadly even with 75% of you p.shopped, you can still see the scars & saggy skin. Poor thang.
    Lookin’ possessed too. freaky

  3. loulou38

    Her behavior along with the words that come out of her mouth proves that she wants attention, good or bad!!! Whcih is so sad & I just hope her children don’t grow up & think the family setting they currently are growing up in is healthy or the norm. I wish she had someone in her life that would give her the 411 on being a parent & make her realize all the negative things she’s doing right now can & will affect her children & herself in a negative way in the near future. Currently she seems selfish & it’s all about her when it should be about her chldren & her as a whole healthy unit.

  4. loulou38

    Sorry that I just posted a comment regarding the lady with all the kids, I just realized the article was from awhile back. This was my first time in awhile since I read articles regarding her & her situation & on that note I hope it’s ok that I still left a comment. Thanks Hve a great wk end everyone!!!! TGIF

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