1. Deryn

    I visited the site to see who is donating what. It’s up to a little over $1,400 now. There are only 29 total donations, one of which is $500, which comes with this comment:

    “My father used to tell me that most problems will go away if you throw a little money at them. He also said it will only make them go away for a little while then the money is gone and the problems remain. That being said, the kids don’t travel out the birth canal, pop out and ask to pay for their parents choices. So, no hating or judging on the mother I’m just offering the kids about a day and a half of financial sanity. Here’s a thought. If you can’t do it for the kids, shut up and don’t.”

    I dunno, sounds like a plant. In the “seed money” way and the “this person has the sensibility of a” way. Anyway, being free to judge the mother would be the only way I’d give her anything, so I guess I’m out.

    I wonder how much those jeans cost. And that new-looking truck.

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