1. Flavia

    que asco la cara de esta mujer! que no saben estas chicas que tocarse la cara las deja peor que antes?!!

  2. nick

    Jacking off to 2 Girls 1 Cup, or this?
    I don’t know about you, but I’m taking the two girls!

  3. chmod

    I’d rather go to the lemon party.

  4. Biff59

    Finally, a porn actress who can break the 17-dicks-vaginally-at-a-time milestone.

  5. Roth

    wow, so much for the bitterness. Live and let live, I guess she’s had enough problems to deal with; why keep punching her? Whomever is free of sin….cast the first stone………….

  6. Wow, lots of jealousy in here! What about live and let others live; she must have plenty of problems in her life to deal with. She’s just doing what everyone is doing LIVING HER OWN LIFE!!!!

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